Medical Office Assistant

The following are examples of job functions for a Medical Office Assistant that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Maintaining medical records for patients
  • Scheduling patients for appointments, follow-ups, and rescheduling when appropriate
  • Sharing information gathered from patients with appropriate team members
  • Checking inventory of medical supplies and materials
  • Completing payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Preparing communication reports, statements, forms, applications, etc.
  • Maintaining client and staff confidentiality

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Medical Office Assistant
  • Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Cloud storage, backup devices, and other data handling software
  • Internet search, data handling, and processing. For example, to locate health-related information within specific databases or on medical websites, to access training courses and seminars offered by suppliers, employers, and trainers
  • Health Care Management systems including specialised health care administration and/or patient management databases to record client details such as names, treatment, health records, etc.
  • Scheduling software such as Procura (integrated software that offers functionalities of hospital scheduling, patient billing system, document integration system, and analytics tool)
  • Medical billing software including systems for transactions/payments, data validation, and verification
  • Sector-specific software such as quality and risk management tools to track scheduling and delivery of health services
  • Transcription software
  • Communication software such as Microsoft Outlook/Gmail to exchange email and attachments with other members of the health care team and video calling software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. for online consulting
  • Policies and procedures for data safety and data privacy
  • Common office devices including printers, fax, copier, etc.