Labourer in Fish and Seafood Processing

The following are examples of job functions for a Labourer in Fish and Seafood Processing that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Operating and/or troubleshooting industrial and computerized equipment
  • Completing forms such as tally sheets, logs, and worksheets to document relevant information
  • Entering numerical information about processes into operators' reports
  • Completing work orders, processing invoices, and making purchases on behalf of the business
  • Effectively communicating with internal and external parties
  • Grade, label, pack, and weigh raw material or finished products

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Labourer in Fish and Seafood Processing
  • Use of computerised equipment, including:
    • Computerised packaging and sorting equipment
    • Automatic/semi-automatic weigh-wrap-label system
    • E-labeling
    • Digital printers
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Windows Operating System, Excel, Word)
  • Gmail, Outlook, and mobile devices to communicate, collaborate, and share information with staff and supervisors