Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

The following are examples of job functions for an Industrial Mechanic/Millwright that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Maintaining and/or repairing machinery and mechanical equipment in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and applicable procedures
  • Maintaining detailed and accurate maintenance records, reports, and documentation
  • Creating documents such as¬†project proposals, incident reports, and maintenance procedures
  • Installing, optimizing, and/or adjusting all equipment to maximize efficiency
  • Reading, analyzing, and interpreting schematics, instructions, blueprints, drawings, sketches, operator/equipment manuals, etc.

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Industrial Mechanic/Millwright
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Windows Operating System, Excel, Word)
  • Maintenance and financial systems databases
  • Computer-assisted design, manufacturing, and machining software, including programs such as AutoCAD, to make sketches and technical drawings to illustrate dimensions, placements, and orientations of parts in repairs and improvements or make small adjustments to scale drawings to reflect modifications to tools and equipment component
  • Distributed control systems interfaced with programmable logic to monitor operating levels such as temperatures, pressures, flow rates, and volumes in machinery and systems
  • Hand-held devices with digital interfaces such as vibration data collectors and analyzers to report on machinery conditions such as displacement, acceleration, and velocity
  • Digital interfaces on equipment for testing mechanical products
  • Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, etc. to communicate, collaborate and share information with supervisors, co-workers, and suppliers as well as send attachments including tables, documents, pictures, etc.
  • Internet/Web to:
    • search online databases for the diagnosis and repair of machinery and equipment (technical manuals, technical bulletins, and other online technical specifications and standards)
    • make digital payments/online transactions