Fishing Vessel Captain

The following are examples of job functions for a Fishing Vessel Captain that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Determining areas for fishing, plotting courses, and computing navigational positions
  • Effectively using navigational instruments and electronic fishing aids
  • Recording fishing progress, crew activities, weather, and sea conditions
  • Operating communications equipment
  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing mechanical equipment

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Fishing Vessel Captain
  • Computerised course plotter, GPS systems
  • Electronic Recording and Reporting System (ERS), commonly referred to as E-Logbook for data recording, assimilation, and handling
  • Navigational instruments and electronic fishing aids like echo sounders and chart plotters
  • Digital interface of stationary instruments such as the smart weighing scale for taking fish weight
  • Vehicle Management Systems for capturing real-time data on the spatial distribution of vessels and calculating fishing intensity
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Windows Operating System, Excel, Word)