Farm Supervisor

The following are examples of job functions for a Farm Supervisor that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment
  • Maintaining records including, but not limited to, quality control and production, finances, plant inventory, propagation, schedules, safety compliance, and pesticide/fertilizer
  • Developing work schedules and establishing procedures for farm workers and labourers
  • Performing equipment and material requisition
  • Coordinating with farm owner(s) on work plans/programs and making recommendations for improvements, land preparation, fertilizing, planting crops, and cultivation

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Farm Supervisor
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Windows Operating System, Excel, Word)
  • Automated Milking System (AMS) including evaluating data collected from the AMS for livestock health and performance
  • Smartphones connected to AMS to receive relevant alerts
  • Digital interfaces of other tools and equipment at the farm including webcams, digicams, devices, means of transport, and other tools with built-in detectors or electronic components
  • Tools and applications for monitoring farm operations
  • ZOOM, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and similar applications to set up online/video calls with stakeholders (owners and staff) to report on-farm activities
  • Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and mobile devices to communicate, collaborate, and share information with staff, owners, and other stakeholders
  • Internet and web platforms for:
    • basic research/ fact checks of conditions of farm animals, equipment
    • possible vendors and products
    • online purchases