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Administrative / Office Assistant

The following are examples of job functions for an Administrative Assistant / Office Assistant that demand some level of proficiency with digital tools, devices, and systems:

  • Supporting business operations by maintaining office systems and schedules
  • Assisting in accounting procedures such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory control
  • Maintaining and organizing files and documents
  • Effectively communicating with internal and external parties
  • Obtaining and processing information required to provide quality serviceĀ 
  • Scheduling inbound and outbound calls, work orders, etc.

Examples of Digital Tools, Devices and Systems for Administrative / Office Assistant
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Windows Operating System, Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Teams, G-Suite, Calendly, and other software applications/online calendars for scheduling
  • Apple iWorks or Google Docs for sharable, online documents
  • Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and similar applications for video conferencing
  • Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Slack, etc. for communication and correspondence
  • Electronic document management system (eDMS) to store, organize, and manage documents in the form of electronic files
  • Using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop for content creation, creating or editing office newsletters/official correspondence
  • Internet search, data handling, and processing to create researched notes and talking points for senior management
  • Human resource management system
  • CRM software for scheduling appointments and communication with clients and other stakeholders
  • Common office equipment such as printers, scanners, fax, etc.
  • Online payment management system that automates paying vendors and receives invoices
  • Systems for preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, maintaining filing systems, reviewing purchases, and other clerical functions